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Live webcams: Switzerland

Switzerland in real time. Popular webcams: Switzerland live, day and night, 365 days a year, nearby: Alpnach, Stansstad, Kerns, Wolfenschiessen, Hergiswil, Sarnen, Ennetburgen.

Popular webcams

Bettmersee Lake live webcam

Bettmersee Lake live webcam. Bettmeralp ski resort, Switzerland.
Broadcasting technique: picture 360p

Bettmeralp Live Cam 2

Bettmeralp Live Cam 2: ski resort, Switzerland.
Broadcasting method: picture 480p
Live webcams: Switzerland on map (nearby Alpnach, Stansstad, Kerns)

Interlaken webcam

Switzerland Live Webcam on authentic steamer cruise, Interlaken, Bernese Upper Country.
Broadcasting way: image 360p

Bettmerhorn live cam

Bettmerhorn live cam, Switzerland.
Broadcasting mode: image 360p

Ski slope webcam

Ski slope webcam in Bettmeralp.
Broadcasting way: image 360p

Rhine Falls Webcam

Live PTZ webcam submits the Rhine Falls in real time. The Rhine Falls is positioned on the River Rhine in Switzerland, in the canton of Schaffhausen, in the commune of Neuhausen am Rheinfall. The waterfall is the largest flat waterfall in Europe.
Broadcasting technique: live feed 720p
Webcams, which are free for all broadcasts in real time, are installed everywhere: on the streets, in the hotels, on the promenades and the beaches, shops, airports, train stations, etc.

With live cams Switzerland is allways online.

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