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Live webcams: Pluzine

Pluzine in real time. Webcams: Pluzine in real time all-day, with no fee, nearby: Zabljak, Gacko, Savnik, Foca, Niksic, Bileca, Pljevlja.

Nearby webcams

Webcam above the Old Town of Budva

Live webcam is mounted above the Old Town of Budva and demonstrates a view of the Old Town, the sea and the mountains. Old Town in Budva is the main historical attraction of the Budva Riviera.
Broadcasting method: picture 480p
96.9 km.

Becici-Rafailovici beach webcam

This online webcam submits the beaches of Becici and Rafailovici, the sea and the mountains in Montenegro. The length of Becici beach is 1950 meters and it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro and the southern Adriatic. Moreover, in 1935 the beach won the Grand Prix in Paris as the most beautiful beach in Europe.
Broadcasting technique: picture 480p
97.4 km.
Live webcams: Pluzine on map (nearby Zabljak, Gacko, Savnik)

Krimovica webcam

The webcam is located in the village of Krimovica and transmits a panorama from Budva to Bar (Montenegro). The image from the camera is updated 1 time in a few minutes.
Broadcasting mode: image 480p
97.6 km.

Beach webcam in Sutomore

Live webcam demonstrates a view of the beach in Sutomore (Montenegro). The length of the beach is more than 2 kilometers. The image from the webcam is updated 1 time in a few minutes.
Broadcasting method: picture 480p
114.1 km.

Webcam of Apartments Utjeha, Montenegro

Live webcam is placed in apartments «Utjeha» in Montenegro. The camera translates photos overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding area.
Broadcasting mode: image 720p
130.2 km.

PTZ webcam in Bol Harbor

Live PTZ webcam is placed on the promenade of Bol harbor. Bol Harbor is a small harbor in the southern part of the island of Brac, located in the town of Bol in Croatia. The harbor is protected from three sides from strong waves, but is not a port and ships can not enter it. It serves as a marina for small boats and yachts, many of which are seen on this webcam. Around the harbor is concentrated almost all the main city tourist infrastructure of Bol town: hotels, cafes and restaurants, car parking, souvenir shops, etc. Also along the harbor passes the city promenade.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 720p
177.1 km.

PTZ webcam in Bol town in Croatia

Live PTZ webcam is mounted on the embankment of Bol town, on the island of Brac in Croatia and shows various views of the coast and the Adriatic Sea. Bol is one of the most popular resorts of the Adriatic. The camera in real time transmits views of the embankment, piers, boats, yachts and the sea. You can watch the webcam at any time.
Broadcasting technique: live video 720p
177.5 km.

Hvar webcam, Croatia

Town Hvar on island Hvar, Croatia. This automated 24/7 Live webcam is overlooking the entrance to the Hvar port and Pakleni islands in front of it. Camera location is just around the corner from the main waterfront in the east direction (towards the Franciscan monastery).
Broadcasting way: live stream 1080p
194.4 km.
Webcams, which are free for all broadcasts in real time, are installed everywhere: on the streets, in the hotels, on the promenades and the beaches, shops, airports, train stations, etc.

With live cams Pluzine is allways online.

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