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Live webcams: Odessa

Odessa in real time. Popular webcams of the world: Odessa on air all-day, with no fee, nearby: Usatove, Kryzhanivka, Fontanka, Tayirove, Krasnosilka, Illichivs'k, Kremidivka.

Popular webcams

Webcam on the Duma square in Odessa

Webcam transmits views of the Duma square in Odessa in real time. Duma square - the smallest and most beautiful city of Odessa square, where there is always a lot of interesting things: the New Year, or, for example, officially opened Humorina, or just spend the next rally together - as there are sitting the deputies of the city council and the mayor's office is
Broadcasting method: live feed 360p

Webcam with a view of the Opera House in Odessa

Webcam submits views of the Opera House in Odessa in real time. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater - the first theater in Odessa at the time of construction, value and popularity. The first building was opened in 1810 and burned down in 1873. Modern building constructed in 1887 by the architects Fellner and Helmer in neo-Baroque Vienna. Interior auditorium stylized architecture of the late French rococo.
Broadcasting technique: live stream 1080p

Yekaterininskaya square webcam

Yekaterininskaya square webcam: live from Odessa city, Ukraine.
Broadcasting technique: live stream 360p
Live webcams: Odessa on map (nearby Usatove, Kryzhanivka, Fontanka)

Webcam on the Greek square in Odessa

Web camera installed on the Greek square in Odessa and demonstrates it in real time. Greek square is mounted in the historical center of Odessa. The area is frequently visited by locals and visitors.
Broadcasting method: live feed 1080p

Webcam at the Avenue of Stars in Odessa

The webcam demonstrates the Avenue of Stars in Odessa in real-time. The attraction is positioned next to the sculpture, which depicts the symbol of the city is the anchor.
Broadcasting method: live stream 1080p

Webcam at the colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace

The webcam submits the colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace in real time. Colonnade, she's rotunda and Belvedere is one of the symbols of Odessa, a cultural heritage site – is a continuation of the estate Vorontsov Palace, part of and stands on the very precipice of the hill. The author of the project was the architect F. Boffo.
Broadcasting technique: live feed 1080p

10 April Square Webcam

The webcam transmits the square of the 10th of April in the resort area Arcadia in Odessa in real-time (online). A well-known symbol of the city, thanks to the stele «Victory Wings», built in honor of the hero city of Odessa in 1984, the 40th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi invaders by the troops of the 3rd Ukrainian front, 10 April 1944. The monument is made as a stylized picture of a gull-wing. Obelisk of grey marble topped with a Golden star of the Hero, and the two steles is the text of the «Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding the city the title "hero City"». Also on marble boards Odessa immortalized the names of Heroes of the Soviet Union.
Broadcasting mode: live video 1080p

Webcam on the beach «Arcadia», Odessa city

Live webcam demonstrates the beach «Arcadia» and the Black Sea. The camera is mounted in Odessa city (Ukraine), on the terrace of the hotel and restaurant complex «Medea» and is directed towards the sea and the beach «Arcadia». Broadcast is in real time in high definition format FullHD video.
Broadcasting method: live feed 1080p

Webcam on «Luzanovka» beach in Odessa

Live webcam submits a view of the beach «Luzanovka» in Odessa city, Ukraine. The camera is mounted in the restaurant «Cowboy» and in real time it submits the sea coast and the Black Sea in Full HD quality. Broadcasting is conducted from the beach «Luzanovka» from the 2-nd floor of the hotel «Cowboy».
Broadcasting technique: live stream 1080p

Webcam Potemkin Steps in Odessa

The webcam transmits the famous Potemkin Stairs on Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa in real time (online). Potemkin Stairs was built on the Promenade in the 1837-1841 biennium. designed by architect FK Boffo.
Broadcasting mode: live stream 1080p

Webcam at the yacht club in Odessa Vorontsov Lighthouse

Webcam installed in the Odessa Yacht Club and broadcasting views of yachts, Vorontsov lighthouse and the sea. Vorontsov Lighthouse located at the tip of the Quarantine (now the Raid) breakwater in the port of Odessa on the Black Sea. He meets the first and last accompanies all coming to Odessa court.
Broadcasting way: live video 1080p

Webcam on Deribasovskaya Street in Odessa

Live broadcast from webcam on Deribasovskaya Street in Odessa in real time. Deribasovskaya Street - one of the central streets of the city of Odessa, is one of the main attractions of the city. Roadway lined with stone blocks. Currently, most of the Deribasovskaya street is closed to traffic and is a pedestrian zone. Deribasovskaya is a popular festivals, among which mainly relates City Day and Odessa Humor. On Deribasovskaya are numerous restaurants and shops.
Broadcasting way: live video 1080p
Webcams, which are free for all broadcasts in real time, are installed everywhere: on the streets, in the hotels, on the promenades and the beaches, shops, airports, train stations, etc.

With live cams Odessa is allways online.

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