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Live webcams: Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands Antilles in real time. Web cameras: Netherlands Antilles in real time, 24 hours, 365 days a year, without registration.

Popular webcams

Bonaire Webcam

Bonaire Webcam: view from the Breathe-IT building in Kralendijk in south westerly direction towards dive site "Nearest Point" on Klein Bonaire. Updates every 15 seconds.
Broadcasting method: picture 480p

Bonaire coral nursery webcam

The Bonaire coral nursery camera transmits the coral trees that have been populated with two species of Acropora coral.
Broadcasting mode: live video 480p
Live webcams: Netherlands Antilles on map

Bonaire beach webcam

Bonaire beach webcam: view from the rooftop of the windsurf center Jibe City at the east coast of Bonaire, towards the Hang Out Beach Bar and beach in northerly direction. Updates every 15 seconds.
Broadcasting technique: picture 480p

Bonaire Underwater Webcam

Bonaire Underwater Webcam: this camera is positioned at a depth of 15 meters on the drop off at the dive site "Something Special". It is pointing to the north about 100 meter south of the mooring line. The camera used for these brilliant underwater images is in an underwater enclosure from independis. We thank all instructors and dive masters from Bonaire for helping us to keep the lens clean.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 1080p
Webcams, which are free for all broadcasts in real time, are installed everywhere: on the streets, in the hotels, on the promenades and the beaches, shops, airports, train stations, etc.

With live cams Netherlands Antilles is allways online.

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