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Popular webcams

Daxi Bridge PTZ Webcam, Taoyuan city, Taiwan

Live PTZ webcam broadcasts different views of the Daxi Bridge and its surroundings in real time. The bridge connects the two banks of the Dahan River and is placed just below the Zhongzheng Park in the Daxi district of Taoyuan city in Taiwan Province of China. Daxi Bridge is accessible only to pedestrians and cyclists. On the left bank of the Dahan River, a bicycle path adjoins the bridge. At night on the bridge, bright lights turn on, which adds charm to the night landscape of the Dahan River.
Broadcasting way: live stream 1080p

Duoliang Station PTZ Webcam, Taiwan

Live PTZ webcam is positioned at the Duoliang railway station in Taitung County, Taiwan. After called the most beautiful station, Duoliang Station has attracted more and more tourists, due to the juxtaposition of railway, mountain and ocean.
Broadcasting way: live feed 2160p

Daxi Old Street Live Webcam, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Live PTZ webcam demonstrates the Daxi Old Street, in Daxi District of ​​Taoyuan city, Taiwan. The camera is set at the crossroads of Puji Road and Heping Road and demonstrates various views of local attractions in real time.
Broadcasting method: live video 1080p

PTZ webcam on the glass bridge of Xiaowulai Waterfall, Taiwan, China

Live webcam shows the Skywalk glass bridge at Xiaowulai Waterfall in Taiwan Province of China. The eleven meter long glass bridge is placed in the gorge at an altitude of 70 meters above the bottom of the waterfall. The bridge is made of tempered glass. The camera in real time transmits views of the bridge and the upper bowl of the Xiaowulai waterfall.
Broadcasting technique: live video 1080p

Shikhmen reservoir PTZ webcam, Taiwan

Live PTZ webcam broadcasts different views of the Shikhmen reservoir and the Shikhmen dam in Taiwan in real time. Shikhmen Dam is the main stone dam across the Daan River in the northern part of Taoyuan. It forms the Shikhmen Reservoir, the third largest reservoir in Taiwan.
Broadcasting way: live video 1080p

Sanxiantai PTZ webcam, Taiwan

Live PTZ webcam transmits the Sanxiantai area in Taiwan's East Coast National Park in real time. Sanxiantai is a beach and multi-island area located on the coast of Chenggong, Taitung County, Taiwan. The beach is ten kilometers long. The area is well known for its long sea dragon-shaped footbridge that connects the coast to the largest island. The bridge can be seen in this broadcast in one of the positions of the PTZ webcam. The name Sanxiantai means «platform of three immortals», referring to an island with three large standing rocks.
Broadcasting mode: live video 2160p

Taipei PTZ webcam, Taiwan

Live PTZ webcam transmits different views of the city of Taipei on the island of Taiwan in real time. The camera is located on the observation deck of the Xiangshan hiking trail.
Broadcasting mode: live video 2160p
Webcams, which are free for all broadcasts in real time, are installed everywhere: on the streets, in the hotels, on the promenades and the beaches, shops, airports, train stations, etc.

With live cams China is allways online.

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